Central drive

A central drive with base plate and planetary gear motor or externally toothed ball bearing supported ring and planetary gear motors with pinions.

Rabble rake shaft

... corresponding to the static requirements, designed as a central tubular shaft or frame construction.

An adequately dimensioned inlet cylinder

... can be fastened with brackets to the rabble rake shaft or to the operating platform.

The two rabble arms

... are made with a frame or profile construction for attachment to the floor plate and thickener rods.

Floor scraper plates

The number of floor scraper plates is designed according to the vat size. These are shaped like louvres to move the sludge to the central funnel.

The side wall

... of the sludge funnel can be cleaned with either a one- or two-armed funnel scraper plate.

Thickener rods

... made of angle profile are attached vertically to each scraper arm at a distance of about 500 mm; the height of the thickener rods depends on the dimension calculation.

An electrical connection

... with terminal box is attached directly to the scraper drive. Controls should be set up on site. The electronic load monitor for on-site use can be delivered as a control stand.

Additional options: