Longitudinal plate scraper

Scraper bridge

... in various models as solid-wall construction (sill height 1.10 m) with internal catwalk (width between 0.8 m and 1.00 m), slip-resistant grate flooring and an emergency access ladder.

Chassis as required

... with rubber-tyred or vulkollan wheels, along with rail wheels and optional pinion for gear racks. Of which a wheel with direct drive by slip-on gears; the second equipped with rotor monitoring; with an upstream deflector plate (with wheel drive only) with adjustable rubber strip and an optional bumper strip.With four guide rings inside the longitudinal pool wall. Road is delimited electrically using limit switches and mechanically using bumpers with buffers.

Ground sludge removal

... using straight scraper plates 400 mm high, with elastic wiping strips and swivel casters. The scraper plates are fastened to the scraper bridge by rod brackets and are articulated. For maintenance purposes, the scraper plates can optionally be lifted above the water surface.

Scraper plate

... for floating sludge with lateral wiping strips and lower seal strip for on-site floating sludge channel, hung on the scraping bridge with hollow profile rods and articulated.

stainless-steel control cabinet

Heated, ventilated and lighted stainless-steel control cabinet with all control components for the scraper (relay control, SPS control also available with bus coupling) on the front. Complete installation of the scraper device assembly with rotor monitoring of the non-driven rotor, with emergency OFF switch at the bridge ladder and the control cabinet, with a 220 V socket and vat illumination for the scraper. The connection terminal box on the central structure is the supply limit.

Motor cable reel

... for the electrical feed in 12-pin hot-dipped galvanized version with towing cable, cable strain relief and terminal box.

Cable tray

... on flat steel bars screw anchored to the outer wall of the vat at a distance of about 1.5 m.

Additional options: