Equipment for wastewater treatment

In the sector of equipment for wastewater treatment plants, our products are for high-quality standard and durability. We are specialized in all kind of scrapers and travelling bridges for wastewater treatment plants.

We have more than 30-years experience with more than a thousand installations with different demands on the equipment for rectangular and circular tanks.

We offer turnkey equipment, including electrical controls and programmable control manufactured in our workshop and checked before delivery. This enables short installation and commissioning times.

We produce:

  • Travelling bridges for rainwater retention basins
  • Grid-scrapers for aerated and non-aerated grid-tanks
  • Grease, oil and floating sludge removal
  • Primary sedimentation clarifier installations
  • Combined tank installations
  • Secondary sedimentation clarifier installations
  • picket fences

Driving mechanism:

  • Rubber-wheel carriage for longitudinal and circular scrapers
  • Rake and steel-wheel carriage for longitudinal and circular scrapers
  • Rail-tracks for longitudinal and circular tanks
  • Winch driven scrapers
  • Peripheral driven scrapers
  • Central driven scrapers

Bridge Construction:

  • Full wall bridges
  • Half height wall bridges with attached handrails
  • Girder bridges with handrails
  • Truss bridges

Scraping systems:

  • Plate scrapers
  • Pump scrapers
  • Suction scrapers
  • Airlift scrapers
  • Combinations of any of the above mentioned systems